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Welcome to the Hopi Tribe Sex Offender Registry (SOR) website. The Hopi Tribe is in the process of enacting key provisions of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). As part of SORNA, all qualifying sex offenders who work, go to school, or reside within the Hopi Tribe boundaries are required to register with the Hopi Sex Offender Compliance Specialist (HSOCS). Also, ANY SEX OFFENDER VISITING THE HOPI TERRITORY must contact the HSOCS by telephone immediately upon entering the Territory. The sex offender must contact the HSOCS by telephone upon a change of plans and upon exiting the Territory. In addition, the SORNA compliance process establishes the Hopi Tribe Sex Offender Registry website as a publicly accessible registry. The Sex Offender Registry is maintained by the Hopi Tribe and Hopi Sex Offender Compliance Specialist. For more information, visit the Hopi Tribe website.

~Failure to Register.~
In the event a sex offender who is required to register due to their employment or school attendance status fails to do so or otherwise violates a registration requirement of the Hopi Sex Offender Registry Code, the HSOCS shall take all appropriate follow-up measures including those outlined in Section 5.5.5(B).

A sex offender who has been convicted of a covered offense involving minors shall not be permitted within five hundred (500) feet of an elementary school, junior high school, high school, playground, or childcare facility


A. Criminal penalty. Each violation of a provision of this code by a sex offender who is an Indian shall be considered a crime and subject to a period of incarceration of two years and a fine of $15,000.

B. Civil Penalty.

Notice to Convicted Sex Offenders: Under the Hopi Sex Offender Registration Code and Federal Adam Walsh Act, is your responsibility to register with the Hopi Sex Offender Compliance Specialist. Failure to register is both a federal and tribal crime punishable by up to 10 years incarceration, as well as banishment or exclusion from the Hopi Territory.

Each violation of a provision of this code by a sex offender who is not an Indian shall be considered a civil violation subject to a fine of $15,000, with enforcement by any means not prohibited by federal law, including, but not limited to the issuance of forfeitures and civil contempt.

C. Exclusion. In addition to other penalties here, a non-member sex offender who fails to register with the HSOCS is subject to exclusion and pursuant to the recommendation of the Tribal Prosecutor, the Chairman may issue a Notice of Proposed Order of Exclusion under Ordinance 46, Section 46.02.02. The prosecutor may also recommend an Emergency Temporary Exclusion Order under Ordinance 46, Section 46.02.05.

D. Hindrance of sex offender registration. A person is guilty of hindering sex offender registration, a dangerous offense, if he or she:

1. Knowingly harbors or knowingly attempts to harbor, or knowingly assists another person in harboring or attempting to harbor a sex offender who is in violation of this Code;

2. Knowingly assists a sex offender in eluding a law enforcement agency that is seeking to find the sex offender to question the sex offender about, or to arrest the sex offender for, noncompliance with the requirements of this Title; or

3. Provides information to law enforcement agency regarding a sex offender which the person knows to be false.

Unauthorized removal of Sex Offender Notification material. A person is guilty of unauthorized removal of sex offender notification material, a minor offense, if he or she removes Sex Offender Notification material from a public place without authorization. This provision shall not be construed to apply to Tribal Officials, school officials, business owners or employees who are removing or updating sex offender notification materials in the ordinary course of their duties.